The Unusual Writer - by Steven Salmon

The young adult book is about asevere Cerebral palsy young man's dream of attending college to become a writer, but he is told "you can't." Through his mother's personal sacrifice he becomes an author and eventually marries his college coed. Byron Andrews battles loneliness and boredom throughout his life.  He wants to be a contributing member of society, but he is often seen as helpless by some people.  His father suffers from severe depression and attempts suicide several times before dying of a massive heart attack.  Byron's mother dies from lung cancer.  He is attacked by three teenage boys in a city park,  but he manages to escape.  Byron even contemplates suicide, but doesn't.  He never gives up despite the fact that people want to waste his many talents.  But his wife, Lisa reminds him that he needs to keep on fighting. 
This book was written to educate people that the severe physical disabled are not different from anyone else.  Byron pursuit of the American dream is hindered by the government with bureaucracy and endless rules blocking the path to independence.  The novel demonstrates  that nothing is impossible when a person has a dream.